If you’ve ever stopped suddenly or swerved to miss an obstacle in the road, you know how scary it can be. While our new Toyota models near Staten Island provide extra support via safety technologies, it’s still essential to stay alert. Use these tips from Sansone Toyota to protect you and your family.

Sudden Weather Changes

One minute it’s sunny, the next minute it’s pouring rain. When the weather changes, it’s vital to turn on your headlights and slow down immediately. For example, slick roads make it harder to stop, which is why you should also stay a safe distance away from the car in front of you. Plus, your visibility is more limited, so it’s necessary to frequently check your mirrors and remain aware of where exactly nearby vehicles are located.

Road Construction Zones

Heavy equipment, road signs, and workers pose a threat to drivers. Plus, inattentive drivers can seriously injure those who keep our roads in good repair. It’s essential to slow down and move over if you see any construction or emergency vehicles. Be mindful of workers and emergency personnel by putting a safe distance between yourself and others and keeping your eyes and ears open.

Distracted Drivers

If you notice a car weaving in and out of traffic or veering from their lane, give it space. Either pull around them or let them pass you. While it may just be someone temporarily distracted, it could be a sign of a more significant problem. If their driving poses a threat to others, consider having your passenger dial 911 to alert the local police.

By staying alert, you can avoid common road hazards and keep your family safe. Our team at Sansone Toyota is here to provide expert Toyota service or help you purchase a Toyota model with advanced safety technology.