Here at Sansone Toyota near Woodbridge, we recommend having your alignment inspected during every oil change. At the bare minimum, most car manufacturers recommend an annual inspection. However, you may notice signs of problems during your daily driving. Learn more about what a wheel alignment is and why your car might need this specific Toyota service. Then, you can schedule your appointment online or give our team a call.

A common indication that your car needs an adjustment is excess wear on your tires. Often, a vehicle that is out of alignment will use one tire more heavily, resulting in uneven wear across all four. Or, you may notice that your tires look worn even though the tires are relatively new. You might also feel pulling on your steering wheel or that your car vibrates at higher speeds. If you notice any of these signs, we recommend scheduling an appointment in our Toyota service center.

It’s crucial to get an alignment because this problem can snowball into a more significant issue. Before completing an adjustment, our team examines your car for damage. For example, a vehicle that needs an adjustment may cause extra stress on the car’s ball joints, rods, or suspension system. It may cause your steering bushing to wear out or break as well.

If we notice a problem, we’ll use genuine Toyota parts to replace or repair damaged components. Whether it’s tires or a rod, it can be costly to fix issues from an unbalanced car. That’s why it’s less expensive to keep up with a regular service schedule that inspects your alignment regularly.

If you have concerns about how your vehicle runs, contact our team at Sansone Toyota. We offer a variety of Toyota services near Woodbridge and use only OEM Toyota parts for repair and replacement. Our Toyota auto technicians are happy to perform an inspection and let you know what the results are.