Keeping up with regular maintenance on your vehicle is one of the most important parts of owning a car. Whether you own the new 2020 Toyota RAV4, an older SUV, or another model entirely, at some point, you’ll need an oil change. Our team at Sansone Toyota near Edison offers a variety of Toyota services for your vehicle.

Increase the longevity of your Totoya RAV4 with regular oil changes

Putting off an oil change can cause major damage to your 2020 Toyota RAV4. What starts off as routine maintenance can turn into replacing your engine or buying a new car if you don’t change the oil and filter when your car needs it. But how do you know when your vehicle needs an oil change?

Your first clue should be the mileage. While some cars can go 10,000 miles without an oil change, it’s safer to do it every 5,000 miles with synthetic oil. If you allow the oil to get old and stale in the engine, your Toyota RAV4 is more likely to have problems earlier on.

If the oil light turns on in your car, that’s a sign that you may have put off your oil change for too long, and you should check your oil. Make sure it’s not too low or too dark, which indicates that the engine parts aren’t being appropriately lubricated.

Too little oil means more friction and overheating, and dirty oil signals a clogged oil filter. Likewise, smoke from the exhaust, a burning oil smell, or loud noises like knocking from your engine can also be your car telling you it needs an oil change.

If your car needs a Toyota service near Edison, schedule your appointment online with Sansone Toyota. Our trained service technicians are here to provide routine maintenance like oil changes for your 2020 Toyota RAV4 to stay on the road.